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Dictionary Combo Deal:General, Medical, Legal, Sci and Tech Dictionaries together Medical (definitions) Dictionary Sci and Tech (definitions) Dictionary Legal (definitions) Dictionary Standard English (definitions) Dictionary Inductel dictionaries
Combo Spell Checker: Med, Law, Sci and Tech Medical Spell Checker Sci and Tech Spell Checker Legal Spell Checker Inductel spell checkers

LATEST NEWS: Our Mac products are compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks, 10.9. 

RECENT NEWS:  Get an Inductel Medical Dictionary for your smartphone or tablet! The Inductel Medical Dictionary is now available to run on iPhones and iPads, both of which use the iOS operating system.  It's also available for most other popular devices, such as Samsung tablets,  HTC phones, and other devices which employ the Android operating system. And it's available as a web app for PCs, Macs, and computers running Linux. Visit our Medical Dictionary page for details.

RECENT NEWS: WE ARE MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 COMPATIBLE!  All Inductel programs, including our spell checkers and dictionaries, integrate with Microsoft Office 2013. 

Recent news: Our current products are Windows 8 compatible and Corel WordPerfect Office X6 compatible.

Recent news: All Inductel applications are now fully compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Existing Inductel users: If you recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion, the Inductel Mac Mountain Lion upgrade is now available.
The Inductel product line. Dictionaries and spell checkers: general, medical, scientific, technical, and legal. Available by download, on CD, or DVD. Great for word processing, research, editing, and proofing. Windows and Mac OS X versions in stock for immediate delivery. Price includes FREE updates for one year.  We accept PayPal.  Order now!
Founded in 1985, Inductel is a pioneer in software development for personal computers. Our mission is twofold with our first aim being to develop and maintain a library of high quality, reasonably priced word processing tools and reference works as computer software. Our second objective is to advance the study and application of computer generated artificial intelligence.
WE'RE MAC OFFICE 2011 COMPATIBLE.  All of our products are now compatible with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 
MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 COMPATIBLE. All of our products are now compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  We're also compatible with  OpenOffice 3, and WordPerfect X5.  Our medical dictionary, standard dictionary, and MicroLibrary can now speak more than 100,000 words each. Those programs can audibly pronounce headwords, speak entire definitions, and even read aloud blocks of text you copy to your clipboard.  By the way, we now accept PayPal. 

WE'RE WINDOWS 7 COMPATIBLE. All Inductel software products are compatible with Windows 7 in addition to Vista, XP, and 2000. We're also compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher including 10.6. We're also compatible with all popular word processing applications programs including Microsoft Office and Apple iWork.
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