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Using the wrong words can be costly and embarrassing. Put our team on your side, and rest assured you are using the best words in your communications. We offer one of the largest selections of dictionaries on the Internet. They are PC, Mac, and Chromebook compatible. Check them out.

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2015: June 20. All of our dictionaries are now available for Chromebook computers as well as for PC's and Macs.  Check them out.

2015: June 17. We have a new "responsive" website which is accessible to all display sizes from small smartphones to wide screen desktop displays. Try it.

2014: December 30. Our new Medical Dictionary for Android phones and tablets is now available in the Google Play Store. Check it out.

2014: All Inductel products run safely and reliably on Mac computers that have the new Yosemite OS X. Our software is programmed to meet Apple Mac OS X safety and reliability standards. All Inductel software programs comply with all security requirements of the Apple Mac OS X Gatekeeper feature. You may contact us, or visit the website, if you need additional information.

2014: Inductel spelling products are now compatible with the free word processing program iText. Get an Inductel spell checker dictionary for your copy of iText. We have medical, legal, scientific, technical, an a comprehensive combo.

2014: Get the latest news from us by email. You may sign up at the top of this page, right column.

2014: Our Medical Dictionary, Medical Spell Checker, MicroLibrary, and Combination Speller are now compatible with OpenOffice 4.1.

2014: Our Mac compatible dictionaries now support audio pronunciations. Like our Windows compatible dictionaries, they now talk ! We have a Mac compatible talking medical dictionary, a talking standard dictionary, and a combination package, our MicroLibrary.

2014: Our PC compatible products now support "silent install" for unattended installation.

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