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THE LATEST: Our Mac compatible dictionaries now support audio pronunciations.  Like our Windows compatible dictionaries, they now talk !

RECENT: Our Mac products are compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks, 10.9. 

RECENT:  Get an Inductel Medical Dictionary for your smartphone or tablet! The Inductel Medical Dictionary is now available to run on iPhones and iPads, both of which use the iOS operating system.  It's also available for most other popular devices, such as Samsung tablets,  HTC phones, and other devices which employ the Android operating system. And it's available as a web app for PCs, Macs, and computers running Linux. Visit our Medical Dictionary page for details.

RECENT: WE ARE MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 AND OFFICE 365 COMPATIBLE!  All Inductel programs, including our spell checkers and dictionaries, integrate with Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365. 

Recent news: Our current products are Windows 8.1 compatible, Windows 8 compatible, and Corel WordPerfect Office X6 compatible.

Other News: All Inductel Mac applications are fully compatible Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

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A verically integrated, domestic corporation, Inductel designs, programs, manufactures, markets, and sells the Inductel brand of computer software.  Our business operations are located in the state of California, in the USA.  On one hand we are a software retailer, open to the public, selling our products through our online store.  On the other hand we are a wholesaler selling in bulk to software resellers, educational institutions and governments entities.


Dictionaries of definitions and spell checker custom dictionaries and user dictionaries: general, medical, scientific, technical, and legal. They are available in several media formats too:  download, web app, and CD or DVD.  Yes, we still burn CDs and DVDs for those of you who prefer them.

Inductel products are great for word processing, research, editing, and proofing. Windows and Mac OS X versions in stock for immediate delivery.     

Founded in 1985 in California's legendary Silicon Valley when the personal computer revolution was just getting started, Inductel is a pioneer in software development for PC's and Macs.  Our founder, computer engineer/programmer Allan Pekery, quickly saw the demand for high quality dictionaries in digital format.  So, he bought the publication rights to several great print dictionaries, obtained some scanners and OCR equipment, put together an enthusiastic team of programmers and data processors, and Inductel was up and running.  Inductel's mission is twofold with our first aim being to develop and maintain a library of high quality, reasonably priced word processing tools and reference works as computer software. Our second mission is to advance the study and application of computer generated artificial intelligence.


You may have asked, "is there a dictionary that has the comprehensive coverage of a hardcover dictionary but can be installed on my computer?" The answer is "Yes, an Inductel dictionary."  You may also have asked, "is there a dictionary computer program that I can use without having to go on the internet?" The answer is also "yes, a dictionary from Inductel."   

Designed for word processing professionals, writers, researchers, medical, legal, scientific and engineering professionals, and students, Inductel dictionaries provides meanings for more than 303,000 medical, general, legal, scientific, and technical terms.  We also have a combination package (our MicroLibrary) that contains all of our dictionaries as an integrated set.  Our dictionary entries may contain  definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, and both human anatomy and general illustrations. Wonderful for study, research, or preparing reports and papers. They also provide spoken pronunciations using a recorded human voice. Inductel dictionaries are a type of computer software program that enables users to look up definitions, browse an index, and run several types of searches. Each dictionary comes with a related speller (custom dictionary) that is ready to integrate seamlessly into your favorite word processing program where may be employed by your existing spell checker to offer suggested corrections for misspelled medical, legal, scientific or technical words.  They are very useful in preparing reports and other documents.

Here is a list of the more important capabilities of Inductel dictionaries:

  • They are authoritative, comprehensive, and user friendly, containing hundreds of thousands of words from reputable sources,
  • They provide definitions.
  • They pronounce words.  Our standard dictionary, medical dictionary and MicroLibrary pronounce words using a recorded human voice.  Can also speak entire definitions, blocks of text, and contents of clipboard.
  • They provide illustrations. 
  • Our medical dictionary and MicroLibrary feature an anatomy web that enables users to explore human anatomy graphically using a web browser.
  • They provide a lookup history.
  • They feature a user dictionary.
  • All provide multiple search options including browse on index, keyword search, and related terms search.
  • They also feature an Advanced Search that gives the user the ability to search the dictionary for all entry words, or definitions, that meet various user defined characteristics.  Search types include full word, partial word, wildcards, and Boolean.
    • In a single search, you may find all words that start with...
    • In a single search, you may find all words that end with...
    • In a single search, you may find all words that contain...
    • You may search using wild cards.
    • You may search within definitions for specified words.
  • You may personalize your Inductel dictionary:
    • Choose your font face, font size, and font color.
    • Bookmark important, or favorite, entries.
    • Add your own entries.
    • Annotate, or modify, existing entries.
    • Create new dictionaries.
    • Set the size of your lookup history from 5 to 200 entries.
  • If you are interested in video to supplement definitions, our MicroLibrary provides hundreds of video clips.

Inductel Standard Dictionary, Medical dictionary, and MicroLibrary may be used as assistive technology software. They provide indices, search functions, and definitions; and they also give audio pronunciations and will speak definitions using a recorded human voice.

They also function as a text readers, speaking complete sentences aloud in a recorded human voice by reading any blocks of text you copy to the clipboard.


Most Spell Checkers are Limited

Most word processing programs have spell checkers. But, most spell checkers can't correct medical, legal, scientific, or technical spelling errors. That’s because they only have a general dictionary. It can spell check only general English. That can be very frustrating when you need to check spelling on other types of words. What can you do?

Some people compile their own custom dictionaries. But that can take forever. You may need specialized spelling help now.

That’s where we come in. We’re Inductel and we have been compiling custom spelling dictionaries, including medical, since 1985. Our custom dictionaries are comprehensive, accurate, up to date, and proven.

How Inductel Spellers Work

Microsoft Word is an excellent word processing program, but you may already know that its built-in spellchecker doesn't work very well on certain words, medical terms for instance. We’ve solved that problem. For example, our Medical Spell Checker boosts the spell checking capabilities of Microsoft Word, and other popular word processors, enabling them to spell check medical terms as they type.

It works within your Microsoft Office, or other word processing program, as it spell checks documents, reports, etc. Here’s an example. Below is a Microsoft Word document spell check run on an article about a new drug, Brilinta. The drug name was misspelled “Brilinte”.

In the first picture, the Inductel Medical Spell Checker was turned “off.” In the second picture, the Inductel Medical Spell Checker was turned “on.” The spell check caught the error and fixed it.

Inductel "off".

Picture of the Inductel Medical Spell Checker turned "off" during a spell check.

Inductel "on".

Picture of the Inductel Medical Spell Checker turned "on" during a spell check.

It’s fast, integrates seamlessly with your word processing program, and you can spell check ordinary English words and medical words at the same time!  All Inductel Spellers work like that.

Inductel Has Several Types of Spellers

There may be uncounted numbers of disciplines each having there own special words.  How can a word processing person be sure the reports and other documents they prepare are free of spelling errors.  It's not easy. 

 Over the years, we have compiled custom dictionaries covering many disciplines including medicine, law, chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, computer science, and mechanical engineering. 

Perhaps we can help you.

Custom Dictionary

What is a custom dictionary? A custom dictionary is a list of words not in the standard computer dictionary but that an author wants accepted by the spell checker as correct. Custom dictionaries are used by word processing programs, such as Microsoft Office Word, and other computer applications like PowerPoint, and Excel. Users may add words to or delete words from their custom dictionaries. Additions to this dictionary could include names, acronyms, new words, and other such entries. Users may compile their own custom dictionaries, or may acquire them from other sources. There are companies, such as Inductel, who compile custom dictionaries and make them available to businesses, organizations, schools, and the general public.

Inductel has been compiling custom dictionaries since 1985. In that time Inductel has assembled extensive medical, legal, scientific, technical, and general word lists from which it develops custom dictionaries.

Inductel’s word lists are compiled from a variety of authoritative references, journals, and textbooks and contain the terms you need.

Custom dictionaries are employed by people who transcribe, report, bill, record, and otherwise process words including transcriptionists, nurses, doctors, attorneys, scientists, engineers, and students.


The Inductel Spellers and Spell Checkers are custom dictionaries that are compatible with Microsoft Office and other popular word processors. They have been tested and performance proven. In addition to Microsoft Office they are also compatible with  OpenOffice, WordPerfect, Apple iWork, and many more.


Updates are free to customers who have purchased their original copies within the last 365 days. Otherwise, the updates cost $14.95 for the download and $19.95 for the CD. Updating is simple. Each update is the latest edition, full version of the program.


Discounts are available for students, educators, multi-user licensees, and resellers.


World class customer support is free for as long you own your Inductel Dictionary or Speller. Support covers installation issues, how to use the products, compatibilities, and any other product related issues you may have. Telephone support is available during normal business hours seven days a week. Support by email is available 24/7/365.


Inductel's offices are found in Monte Sereno, California, near San Jose. We have a two physical locations, one in Monte Sereno, the other in Modesto; however we serve a global market. We ship hard copies of our content to anywhere in the world, and our software applications may also be downloaded from our secure server from any location on the globe using a web browser. We have had a web presence since 1995. Our online e-store is located at


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