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Inductel's Medical Spell Checker.  It's a Microsoft Office compatible medical custom dictionary containing more that 180,000 medical terms. Inductel's Science and Technology Speller.  It too is a Microsoft Office compatible custom dictionary.  Contains over 120,000 words from the sciences and engineering. Inductel's Legal Speller.  Also is a Microsoft Office compatible custom dictionary.  It contains legal terms. Inductel's Combination Speller.  This product too is Microsoft Office compatible.  It is a custom dictionary which contains more than three hunred thousand words from medicine, the sciences, engineering, and law.
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April 17, 2017. We released our version 17 Inductel Medical Spell Checker for Macintosh updated to provide enhanced content covering family medicine, general practice, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, psychiatry, emergency medicine, radiology, general surgery, cardiovascular disease, orthopedic surgery, and many, many more medical specialties. Also provides FDA approved drugs through 2016, and delivers 5,000 more medical terms than the previous version boosting its total to 187,000.  Its comprehensive content equals fast and accurate editing and proofing results. It's your medical spelling solution.

Inductel Medical Spell Checker Custom Dictionary Software in CD case.  There is also a download for those who prefer that.  Some medical spell checkers may not work in your documents. But, Inductel medical spell checker is compatible with all major word processors. It works in your documents!
Inductel Medical Spell Checker Custom Dictionary Software in CD case.  There is also a download for those who prefer that.
Make your Microsoft Office 2016, OpenOffice, iWork, or other word processor, a medical spelling expert in less than 5 minutes!

News 01/11/2016. Get the information you need now. Cut your search time in half! Inductel Advanced Search.

2015: December 21. Inductel Holiday Sale. Ends December 31.
20% off all products. Don't miss it.

2015: October 16.  All Inductel products are now Microsoft Office 2016 compatible, both Windows and Mac.

2015: August 7.  All Inductel products are Windows 10 compatible. 

2015: June 20. All of our dictionaries are now available for Chromebook computers as well as for PC's and Macs.  Check them out.

2015: June 17. We have a new "responsive" website which is accessible to all display sizes from small smartphones to wide screen desktop displays. Try it.

2014: December 30. Our new Medical Dictionary for Android phones and tablets is now available in the Google Play Store. Check it out.

2014: All Inductel products run safely and reliably on Mac computers that have the new Yosemite OS X. Our software is programmed to meet Apple Mac OS X safety and reliability standards. All Inductel software programs comply with all security requirements of the Apple Mac OS X Gatekeeper feature. You may contact us, or visit the website, if you need additional information.

2014: Inductel spelling products are now compatible with the free word processing program iText. Get an Inductel spell checker dictionary for your copy of iText. We have medical, legal, scientific, technical, an a comprehensive combo.

2014: Get the latest news from us by email. You may sign up at the top of this page, right column.

2014: Our Medical Dictionary, Medical Spell Checker, MicroLibrary, and Combination Speller are now compatible with OpenOffice 4.1.

2014: Our Mac compatible dictionaries now support audio pronunciations. Like our Windows compatible dictionaries, they now talk ! We have a Mac compatible talking medical dictionary, a talking standard dictionary, and a combination package, our MicroLibrary.

2014: Our PC compatible products now support "silent install" for unattended installation.

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Inductel Products

Maximize your effectiveness.  Boost your productivity.  Computer software, in the form of digital reference works and word processing tools, is what Inductel makes. Inductel is a software developer, and manufacturer, who also markets and sells its products. Inductel products include defining dictionaries for reference and custom dictionaries used in word processing. Academic disciplines represented include medicine, law , general English, chemistry, physics, biology, electronics, mechanical engineering design, and computer science. Our products support most types of devices including desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and Chromebooks. We support all major media formats including digital download, CD, DVD, and browser based web app.

Inductel software products are designed to support word processing, research, editing, and spelling error correction.

Operating systems supported include, Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Linux.

Languages supported is English.

Markets served include: Colleges, universities, high schools, word processing professions including medical transcription, and court report.  We sell business to business, and business to end user.

Technical support for Inductel products is provided at no cost to our customers. 

Founded in 1985 in California's Silicon Valley as the personal computer revolution was gaining momentum, Inductel is a pioneer in software development for PC's and Macs.  Our founder, entrepreneur Allan Pekary, quickly saw the demand for high quality dictionaries in digital format.  So, he together an enthusiastic team of talented programmers and data processors, and Inductel was up and running.  Inductel's mission is twofold with our first aim being to develop and maintain a library of high quality, reasonably priced word processing tools and reference works as computer software. Our second mission is to advance the study and application of computer generated artificial intelligence.

For detailed information see our product information page.

Allan Pekary

Our founder, Allan Pekary, says...

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